GitHub Projects

by Alexander Käßner

I'm a student of Interface Design at the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam and a co-founder of FingerCoding.

I design interfaces, icons, logos and more for web, mobile and desktop applications. If you need help at designing a great website, app or something else, don't hesitate to contact me on my website.

Touch Bar Preview

A small open source app to display your designs on the Touch Bar of the new MacBook Pro.

macOS UI Kit

A retina optimized macOS Sierra UI Kit for Sketch. Create fast designs and prototypes with the most common macOS UI elements predefined as Sketch Symbols.

Impact of growing cities (InfoVis)

Cities are growing, but also getting hotter every year. How does this impact people's productivity?
A information visualisation about heat and productivity in cities.

Project HotSphere

DIY hardware remote controller for a HotWire game made with Processing.

3D Text Website

Simple css experiment, that allows you to type and share text with a fancy 3D look.